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Jewish Interfaith Wedding Officiant - Augusta, Georgia

“Always keep the bride smiling!” This is Rabbi Lebow’s focus when it comes to being a good wedding officiant. He considers it part of his job to make your wedding, from the hefty planning to the actual ceremony, as stress-free and enjoyable as possible, for not only the bride but also everyone involved.

That is the problem with many wedding ceremonies nowadays; they are full of stress, and stress is, well, un-fun. Although we should be celebrating the loving union of two people, everything seems disquieting. Who knows? Perhaps it is because of the “go, go, go” world, that we just don’t take the time to smell the roses and enjoy the present moment. Wedding ceremonies suffer because of this. They should be relaxing, chock full of smiles, a representation of two hearts coming together as one.

Whether it is a traditional Jewish Wedding, Interfaith Wedding or LGBT Wedding, it would be Rabbi Lebow’s honor to be involved in your special day. He doesn’t have a specific set religious agenda for your wedding. It is all about you and he will work to make sure the wedding ceremony expresses your values and your needs! It brings him much joy working closely with a couple to come up with the perfect wedding ceremony. It is an art and a privilege. A wedding ceremony is like a fine sculpture; it must be carefully chiseled and perfected.

If you are planning a Jewish wedding or are in need of an interfaith wedding officiant, allow Rabbi Lebow the honor of assisting you. He performs Jewish and interfaith wedding ceremonies in Georgia and the surrounding states. Rabbi Steven Lebow is also available for Jewish baby naming and blessings. Though licensed to perform weddings and Jewish baby naming in all 50 states, Rabbi Lebow primarily provides his services in Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama.

Contact Rabbi Lebow today with any questions, concerns or inquires you may have about an Atlanta Jewish or Interfaith Wedding, or Jewish baby naming and blessings.


Rabbi Lebow is an Atlanta Jewish wedding officiant who “will work with you to make sure that the wedding ceremony is comfortable for both sides of the family.”– John and Dana K

“…Frankly, we interviewed four rabbis in Atlanta and he was the only one who wasn’t stuffy or overly serious!”

“Rabbi Lebow worked with our minister and he was very gracious and accepting of our weddings.  Rabbi with the Bride Becca in Knoxville, TNHe explained the Jewish part during the ceremony so everyone felt involved!”
– A. and Nancy P. from when Rabbi Lebow officiated an interfaith wedding.

“We recommend Rabbi Lebow, completely. Frankly, we interviewed four rabbis in Atlanta and he was the only one who wasn’t stuffy or overly serious!”
-Jed and Susan C. from when Rabbi Lebow officiated a Jewish wedding in Atlanta.

“…He was VERY professional and he took the stress out of planning the ceremony.”

“He was always on time to appointments and rehearsals.  He was VERY professional and he took the stress out of planning the ceremony.”
– Alexei and Jennifer M.

This was a Nashville, Tennessee interfaith wedding officiated by Rabbi Lebow.
“We are from two different cultural-religious backgrounds and Rabbi Lebow was able to relate to people from different religions and countries.”
– Daryush and Jessica A.

Beth ColtanSteven Lebow is the Rabbi who makes sure that the bride is always smiling!”
– From when Rabbi Lebow officiated a Charleston, South Carolina Jewish wedding.