Wedding Officiant in Mobile, AL

As Alabama’s only salt water port, Mobile is the state’s gateway to the world. Once the capital of French Louisiana, Mobile has been an integral part of the U.S. for well over 300 years and the region’s economic health largely depends on this port city, which means the city is truly a sight to behold with a lot to do.

Due to its French and Native American history, the city is one of America’s unique cultural centers, having a little bit of everything. The almost-mystical atmosphere is a huge tourist draw, especially around Carnival season, where masquerade balls and parades occur on a daily basis. The city does its best to tap into its atmosphere; there are plenty of art galleries, museums (Mobile Museum of Art), concert halls (Mobile Symphony Orchestra) and gorgeous architecture all around.

It is a safe to say that Mobile is a great place to have a wedding, as the unordinary nature of the city provides a brilliant backdrop for any ceremony. The city may be Alabama’s gateway to the world, but it can also be a gateway to the next part of your life.

Whether you’re having an interfaith, Jewish or same sex wedding in Mobile, Rabbi Lebow wants to the be the officiant, so give him a call!