Hilton Head Island, South Carolina Wedding Ceremonies

Next to the Atlantic and an entranceway into Port Royal Sound, Hilton Head Island is a popular vacation destination, with many spending their off months in the area. Like much of South Carolina, Hilton Head Island has a rich history and has a played a major role in the development of the U.S. It has functioned as a base of operations for the Union blockade of southern ports during the Civil War. It was also hub for freed slaves, known as the Gullah, after the war.

Now the community is more known for its gated communities, arts scene and gulf courses. The Arts Center of Coastal Carolina, for example, is a world-renowned playhouse and the area is a regular stop on the PGA Tour. What you’re getting with Hilton Head Island is utter relaxation and your ceremony will reflect this.

Ceremonies and receptions can often be stressful, which drains the joy out them. Always remember that this is your special time; there should be no unwarranted stress. A place like Hilton Head Island is an easy remedy for stress, but more important perhaps is your wedding officiant. You ideally want someone that mirrors the area and venue of your wedding. In terms of Hilton Head Island, you need a relaxing officiant, one who goes with the flow, someone like Rabbi Lebow.

If you’re embarking on the path of a Jewish, interfaith or same sex marriage and need the right officiant, give Rabbi Lebow a call!