Jewish Weddings

Good black and white shot of Jesse AbrahamRabbi Steve Lebow is Atlanta’s best known and funniest rabbi! Rabbi Lebow has been performing Jewish and Interfaith ceremonies for over 25 years In Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee. His will work with your minister, if you request it. He is also flexible on the start-time of your wedding. Rabbi Steve can do a traditional Jewish service or an interfaith wedding service with Jewish elements in it. Rabbi Lebow can also provide a secular or a civil service.

The most important things to know about Rabbi Lebow are his glowing recommendations below:

GREAT wedding picture of Amanda Weinstein and Rabbi!“I actually was afraid that I (the bride) might cry or just be too nervous on my wedding day. Rabbi Lebow’s motto is that ‘He keeps the bride smiling.’ Trust me, the only reason I got through my wedding was Rabbi Lebow’s warmth and his wit!”

-Ashley R. (from a South Carolina Jewish wedding)

“Rabbi Steve Lebow will provide a Jewish wedding service that is awesome! Most importantly, if you are an interfaith couple ‘he will work with you to make sure the wedding ceremony is comfortable for both sides of the family.’”

Alan and Sara wedding-John and Dana K. (one of Rabbi Steve’s Atlanta Jewish weddings)

“Rabbi Lebow worked with our minister for an Atlanta Jewish wedding. He was very gracious and accepting of all of our requests. (And we had many!!)

From the very beginning of the ceremony he explained the Jewish parts so that everyone at our wedding felt included.”

-Alan and Nancy P. (from an Atlanta Jewish wedding)

“We can not recommend Rabbi Steve more highly. Frankly we interviewed four rabbis in the Atlanta area (and South Carolina) and he was the only rabbi who wasn’t stuffy or overly serous!”

Jewish Wedding in Roswell Georgia-Jed and Susan C. (from an Atlanta and Jewish Interfaith wedding)

“Rabbi Steven Lebow was on time to appointments and rehearsals. He was VERY professional and he really took the stress out of the wedding!!”

-Alexei and Jennifer M. (A Charleston, South Carolina Jewish and Interfaith Wedding)

Jewish Wedding at the Georgian Terrace, Rabbi Lebow“We are from two different cultural and religious backgrounds and Rabbi Lebow was able to relate to people from different religions and countries.”

-Darius and Jessica A.  (from an August, Georgia Jewish and Interfaith wedding.)

“My fiance and I are both Jewish and Rabbi Lebow provided the traditional Jewish wedding service we requested. “

-Ann and David P. (from a Savannah Jewish wedding)

Rabbi Steven Lebow promises “Happy Wedding, Happy Bride!” and he delivers every time. Call soon to book him, because of his unique wedding services, his calendar books up months in advance!