Chattanooga, Tennessee Wedding Ceremonies

The city is surrounded by mountains and ridges, the Appalachians and Cumberland Plateau to be exact. If you’re in the city, the land will always catch your eye, as Chattanooga, Tennessee is full of rugged, natural wonder. There is a rustic quality to Nooga that makes it an attractive place to have a wedding. Is there anything more romantic than exchanging vows while the land applauds? That is the feeling you get in Chattanooga.

Some popular wedding reception and ceremony sites include The Waterhouse Pavilion at Miller Plaza, Hunter Museum of American Art, Barnsley Gardens Resort, Tennessee RiverPlace and Castleton Farms. Many of these venues utilize Chattanooga’s lush landscape, especially Tennessee RiverPlace, which boasts that it combines European elegance with natural Tennessee Beauty. It is easy to see why, as the venue consists of rolling farmland on the Tennessee River fit with buildings of the finest Spanish Architecture.

Castleton Farms also blends two worlds together, as the main wedding venue is a beautifully built Green Manor, surrounded by mountains, a koi pond, a vineyard and more. You can have, as The Knot puts it, “the fairytale wedding of your dreams.” With their all-inclusive packages and beautiful scenery, you can’t go wrong with exchanging vows at Castleton Farms!

If you’re planning a Jewish, interfaith or same sex wedding in Chattanooga, you want to experience an atmosphere that is a combination of elegant charm and rustic comfort, so you will want a wedding officiant that is a little bit country and a little bit rock n’ roll. Rabbi Lebow is your man! Contact him today.