Nashville, Tennessee Wedding Ceremonies

The capital of Tennessee and referred to as America’s Music City, Nashville is a hotbed of wedding activity. It is one of the nation’s fastest rising cities and is a dream wedding location for brides-to-be from east coast to west coast. Exchanging vows in such a city will be music to your ears. Not only does Nashville have a stellar music scene, its food scene is also taking the country by storm. With constant music and delicious food, how can you NOT have your wedding in Nashville? It is a cultural titan! Since the city is busy from morn to night, there are countless wedding venues, all combining the historical prowess of Nashville with its cultural relevancy.

The newly redeveloped Downtown Waterfront is a popular wedding destination, with venues like The Bridge Building attracting couples from all corners of the land. Billed as “A Uniquely Nashville Event Venue,” The Bridge Building lives up to tis name. An all-encompassing wedding venue, The Bridge is loaded with luxury event restrooms and lounges equipped for make-up and hair styling. Their spacious men’s lounge is like something out of a movie! With multiple event floors, there will be something for everybody. What’s truly unique are the venue’s exit options, as the bride and groom can walk down the greenway promenade or be whisked off in a boat!

If you desire more a classic wedding venue, Cedarwood Weddings is the choice for you. Imbued with the “chic side of country,” Cedwarwood provides designer weddings at an unbeatable price. As an 1830’s antebellum farm fit with award-winning designers, the venue certainly combines the country with the chic. Considering the farm is only a few minutes away from hip downtown Nashville, Cedarwood is the best of both worlds. It is really the epitome of Nashville!

Are you country? Are you chic? No matter which one, Nashville has what you’re looking for. You need a wedding rabbi that has a foot in both of those worlds. Rabbi Lebow is one for you. If you’re planning a Jewish, interfaith or same sex wedding in Nashville, give him a call!