2014 Wedding Trends

Marriage is a timeless institution, but all institutions undergo periods of change. When planning a wedding, many brides and grooms decide to go with a more traditional ceremony and reception, even for interfaith or same-sex couples. In 2014, some wedding industry analysts are preparing for interesting changes to the celebration of holy matrimony.

Making sure that the bride is happy with her special day has always been the top goal for any wedding planner, and it still is. Where some brides used to express themselves by going way outside of tradition, many expect this year’s brides to favor more conventional dresses and photography sessions. Unlike the “Trash the Dress” natural photography sessions of the past few years, many couples are choosing formal portraiture, sometimes even with a more non-smiling, serious demeanor.

Reactions to technology use at these special occasions have also prompted some interesting party ideas on either end of the spectrum, as this piece published by WSJ.com shows. Some wedding receptions are starting off with a phone check-in at the door so that guests can appreciate the day with the couple and their families instead of checking their social networks. On the other hand, some want their guests to take pictures and post plenty of status updates about the wedding day, some even going so far as to create a hashtag for the event. These couples tend to provide charging stations so tweets can be sent late into the night.

Late night wedding parties are also becoming the option du jour for many couples, especially younger ones. Booking a reception venue into the wee morning hours, or moving the party to a bar, is becoming much more common among newlyweds. The major consideration with this, of course, is to make sure that accommodations or designated drivers are taken care of for your friends and family.

There are many simple ways you can make your wedding your own during 2014. If you want a one-of-a-kind wedding officiant who will give your ceremony a good amount of grace with a touch of humor, call Rabbi Lebow at Atlanta Jewish & Interfaith Weddings. He’ll provide the perfect lively spark to help you commemorate your special day.

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