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Keep Love in Your Heart

Young People Kissing

Can love save the world? It is a nice thought, one that humanity has been having since the dawn of time. In other words, can love and passion connect people like never before or is that all a pipe dream brought about by movies or the naïve hope we have hidden under the floorboards of… Read more »

Respond with Music, Love, and Compassion

I, like the entire world, was heartbroken over the Paris attacks last Friday. The world can be an ugly place and that was on full display over the weekend. The heinous terrorist attacks that claimed 129 lives and threw civilization into a state of hellish panic was a stark reminder that there is evil in… Read more »

The Game Called Love Is All about Survival

Why Women Love Bad Boys

In our last post, I discussed the perils of being single during the holidays, which can be a stressful experience, more stressful perhaps than it needs to be. There is no reason to beat yourself up in terms of being single around the holidays. However, I understand that it is something that weighs heavy on… Read more »

Single during the Holidays

How to Survive Being Single during the Holidays

Now that we’re in November, it means that we’re recklessly immersed in the holiday season. Sure, Halloween is a “holiday,” but it’s not one that stresses us out until we’re skin and bones, so that it feels like we’re floating through our days, from room to room, home to home, halfhearted astronauts out of orbit…. Read more »

The War on Loneliness Wages On


Some sociologists claim that we live in an era of profound loneliness or, let’s put it this way, we live in an era where loneliness is as potent as an epidemic, something akin to an emotional bubonic plague affecting the countryside of our insides, tearing at the cornfields of our happiness. It’s bad. Antidepressant usage… Read more »

Love Grows With a Kiss

We are at our most vulnerable in a first kiss. There’s a beautiful project circulating the internet right now where a videographer, Tatia Pilieva, asks twenty strangers to kiss for the first time on camera. Of the ten shots, every single “couple” starts out asking each other names, standing awkwardly, laughing at the ridiculously personal… Read more »

The Importance of Marriage

Fifty years ago, “93 percent of children born in the United States were born to married parents. By 2010 that number had plummeted to 60 percent.” That’s a quote from Sen. Marco Rubio’s speech given last month at the 50th anniversary of the War on Poverty, a government initiative instated by Lyndon B. Johnson to… Read more »

2014 Wedding Trends

Marriage is a timeless institution, but all institutions undergo periods of change. When planning a wedding, many brides and grooms decide to go with a more traditional ceremony and reception, even for interfaith or same-sex couples. In 2014, some wedding industry analysts are preparing for interesting changes to the celebration of holy matrimony. Making sure… Read more »

In 2014, Let Love Be the Best Protection

Many of the resolutions we make every year as January approaches tend to focus around our relationships and emotions. Many people want to be in one, or improve the one they’re in, or work on themselves until they feel ready for one. All over the world, people are seeking more honest and genuine expressions of… Read more »