Cupid Is Burdened by Debt

Credit Card and EyeglassesLove is a beautiful thing and everyone on our great crazy planet deserves to feel it on a daily basis, especially this time of the year, when the holidays coalesce around our hearts and demands that we feel something, anything, and if not, we are somehow less human. This can be hard. After all sometimes it seems as if love is impossible to come by, that the world, or maybe fate and destiny, has it out for us, that the powers that be has no interest in us feeling any sort of fulfillment when it comes to love.

In the last few blog posts, we have talked about ghosting, finding love after 40, being single during the holidays, and much, much more. Why does love have to be so difficult? We are given the breath of life and should always be interlocking breaths with the people around us, inhalers with beating hearts ready to help everyone breathe a little easier, because isn’t that what life is all about? In an ideal sense, yes, but idealism can only take you so far, especially when it comes finances and credit scores. Not very romantic, is it?

In this WFAA-TV article, Jason Wheeler discusses how important credit scores are when you are dating and looking for that special someone. CEO of Sam Yagan says, “When we have done research just beyond what we ask for in the app, we find debt is one of those deal-breakers; almost as strong as smoking and kids.”

That is all well and good; of course the CEO of would know the truth of what people are looking for, but the issue of love, dating, and credit scores has now piqued the interest of researchers and scientists. A recent paper entitled Credit Scores and Committed Relationships put out by the Federal Reserve Board explores the subject more intently.

Wheeler writes, “They back it up with formulas, some of which stretch across an entire page. One of the equations purports to mathematically demonstrate what researchers characterized as overwhelming evidence that individuals with lower credit scores made people less likely to get into and remain in committed relationships.”

Nowadays it seems that when Cupid’s arrow hits something, it’s not someone’s heart, but someone’s credit history.

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