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Ideas for a Beautiful Wedding Chuppah

Jewish Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding is all about the details, and when you’re planning a Jewish wedding, one important detail you must focus on is creating a wedding worthy chuppah. The word chuppah is Hebrew for “covering,” and in a Jewish wedding ceremony, the chuppah is meant to symbolize the home that the new bride and groom… Read more »

Handling the Holiday Season as an Interfaith Family

Holiday Season Tips for Families

If you and your spouse practice two different faiths, you and your family may find the holiday season to be more difficult than other families. When two parents practice the same faith, it can often make the holiday season easier. But when one parent is Christian and the other is Jewish, it can present obstacles… Read more »

Managing Your Finances as Newlyweds

Finance Advice

One thing many engaged couples should be doing is having the “money talk.” Couples often avoid discussing money until after they married, which can quickly put a damper on the honeymoon phase. Discussing finances prior to getting married is a vital part of having an honest and upfront marriage. There are many questions to consider… Read more »

Celebrating Love on Valentine’s Day – and Tu B’Av

Happy Valentine's Day

February is almost upon us, which means that romance and love in the air with Valentine’s Day right around the corner. No matter your religion, couples around the country and across the world celebrate this holiday with gifts, special nights out, dinner and more. If you’re a member of the Jewish faith, however, there’s another… Read more »

Making Your Same-Sex Jewish Wedding Unique

Jewish Same-Sex Weddings

Are you about to throw a same-sex Jewish wedding but you think that you want to spice up some of those old traditions? There are many ways that you can update your same-sex ceremony to reflect your style. Consider some of these options. Personalize the Breaking of the Glass One of the flashiest times of… Read more »

Combining Lives, Combining Traditions

Modern weddings are a beautiful combination of traditions from many faiths, ethnicities and cultures. When saying “I do,” brides and grooms have endless options to tailor their special day to fit their wants and needs. Unlike the strict wedding planning rules of the past, the modern wedding can be based on a heart-felt, culturally sensitive… Read more »

Intimacy and Long-Distance Relationships

In the digital era, establishing and maintaining long-distance relationships proves extremely common as people meet and fall in love online. Though the idea of a long-distance relationship may seem idealistic or unfathomable at first glance, the technology of today helps these increasing numbers of long-distance relationships grow and thrive. Whether you already had an established… Read more »

Don’t Think Too Hard about Love

Couple Kissing

Contrary to what you might see on the news, love is everywhere nowadays. You log onto Facebook and you will see uplifting news of an old friend getting married. Uplifting might be the wrong choice of words – more disheartening depending on the friend or where you’re at in life. When it comes to love,… Read more »