Making Your Same-Sex Jewish Wedding Unique

Are you about to throw a same-sex Jewish wedding but you think that you want to spice up some of those old traditions? There are many ways that you can update your same-sex ceremony to reflect your style. Consider some of these options.

Jewish Same-Sex WeddingsPersonalize the Breaking of the Glass

One of the flashiest times of any Jewish wedding is the breaking of the glass and the yelling of “Mazel Tov!” Have you considered how you can personalize this long-running tradition?

How about breaking two glasses! That’s right. Make it special for both of you by having each of you break a glass and kick it up a notch by having multicolored glass, saving the shards and making a beautiful mezuzah or some custom necklaces that you can both wear to remember this fabulous occasion.

Customize the Ketubah

Spice up the pre-wedding traditional ketubah by adding your own personal style to it. Ketubot are a sort of contract between a to-be-married couple and outlines their rights and responsibilities to one another. While it may seem old-fashioned, that doesn’t mean that your ketubah has to be!

Modify your ketubah as much as you want to make it your own. Include images of two men or two women or insert a picture or symbol that really captures you two and your relationship. You can even add 3D effects! Take a look at a few of the incredible ketubot offered at to see some of the options available for your modern wedding.

Circle Together

In non-same-sex marriages, circling is the act of having the bride circle around the groom seven times because the number seven represents the seven rings in the Torah, among other symbolizations.

Take the guesswork out of who will circle who by walking the circles together, hand in hand, suggests You could also opt to split the task and have each one of you do three circles each while walking the final circle together. Whatever you choose, make sure to make it meaningful moment that you and your guests will remember forever.

Get Married by Someone With a Wealth of Experience

Your wedding is supposed to be the most beautiful day of your life, so it’s important to have someone who can work with you and make it the unique ceremony that you want it to be. Rabbi Lebow has been an advocate and friend of the LGBT community for decades, and has a long history of working with same-sex couples and advocating for equal marriage rights. Rabbi Lebow can work with you to make your same-sex Jewish wedding exactly the ceremony that you always imagined. Find out more about working with Rabbi Lebow by giving him a call today at 404-790-8612.

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