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Weddings Should Bring out the Best in People

Woman Planning a Wedding

Over the years providing wedding rabbi services for all ceremonies, I have come across many different types of people in this world. Some are more romantic than others are. Some believe in the power of love. Others are more realistic, prone to acting with their head more so than their heart. That is fine, because… Read more »

Finding Love before Valentine’s Day

Man and Woman Walking on the Beach

It seems like we were just coming up with our resolutions for 2016 and for those of us unlucky in love or battling severe loneliness, the resolution process was a simple one: Find love by any means necessary. Well, while that is certainly a worthwhile resolution, our dedication to changing ourselves will be facing a… Read more »

Meditate through the Muck of Love

Legs of a Man Jogging on the Beach

Another day, another night, another article about finding love. For some, this means finding love again. With all these articles and tips on how to find love, you would expect that the heart is like a fabled city of gold or something, as if love was born from legend and transformed into myth. I would… Read more »

Prayers for Peace in a Broken World


When you hear the phrase ‘the terrifying ticking time bomb’, chances are you don’t take it seriously. In the Western world, we have grown accustomed to our first world problems, getting all hot and bothered over inconsequential things such as what’s on your coffee cup or the speed of your online movie buffering. Sure, we… Read more »

Cupid Is Burdened by Debt

Credit Card and Eyeglasses

Love is a beautiful thing and everyone on our great crazy planet deserves to feel it on a daily basis, especially this time of the year, when the holidays coalesce around our hearts and demands that we feel something, anything, and if not, we are somehow less human. This can be hard. After all sometimes… Read more »

Breaking up with a Ghost

Woman Haunting House

Breakups are tough; there is no way around that fact, but over the last decade or so, they have gotten exponentially tougher – and we can point the finger at one cause: the rapid rise in technology and social media. This makes sense, because when it comes to social media, your ex is somehow always… Read more »

Finding Love after 40

Older Couple

When you’re young and naive, it’s easy to fall in love. That’s because to be naïve is to be ignorant… and ignorance is bliss. When you’re young you need little more than a pretty face and a nice smile to keep you happy. But as you mature and gain the knowledge it means to be… Read more »

Why Fall Makes Your Love Stronger

I have a request for you. Next time you go outside, I want you take a look, a deep hard look, at the world around you. What do you see? Maybe depending on where you live, the leaves are changing colors or, more dramatically, they might be falling and gathering together in clumps underneath trees… Read more »

Choosing the Right Wedding Date

Bride Planning a Wedding

Planning a wedding involves make dozens of choices, but one of the most important things you need to decide is the date of the big day. Fortunately, there is no right or wrong date when it comes to weddings. In order to narrow down your choices to a single date, you should take the following… Read more »