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Tips on Planning a Jewish Funeral

Jewish Funeral Tips

Planning a funeral is extremely difficult: not only have you just faced a significant loss, you immediately have to make decisions with your loved one in mind. In the Jewish faith, the mourning process is sacred and funerals are an important part of saying “goodbye.” The purpose of a Jewish funeral service is not to… Read more »

Managing Your Finances as Newlyweds

Finance Advice

One thing many engaged couples should be doing is having the “money talk.” Couples often avoid discussing money until after they married, which can quickly put a damper on the honeymoon phase. Discussing finances prior to getting married is a vital part of having an honest and upfront marriage. There are many questions to consider… Read more »

What to Wear for a Jewish Wedding

Jewish Wedding

If you’ve never attended a Jewish wedding before, you might find yourself staring into your closet thinking, “what outfit is appropriate?” Atlanta Jewish and Interfaith Weddings is here today to help you decide what is appropriate attire for a Jewish wedding. Type of Ceremony The first thing you’ll need to figure out is what type… Read more »

Celebrating Major Milestones of Jewish Childhood

Jewish Baby Naming

There are a number of traditional milestones that are part of a Jewish childhood, and if you’re in need of a rabbi to help guide you through the process, Rabbi Lebow is here to help. One of the most beautiful traditions in the Jewish tradition is a bris, the practice of blessing a newborn baby,… Read more »

Stacked Rings: A Great Symbol for Interfaith Couples

When planning a wedding, there are many decisions to make, but one of the most sacred and symbolic is your choice of wedding rings. Something most couples don’t take lightly, the perfect rings to symbolize your love and unity can take on many forms. Recently, Brides reported on a new trend that features multiple stacked… Read more »

Smartphones and Smart Romance

Maintaining successful romantic relationships can be tricky and complicated, and now that everyone is constantly plugged into their smartphones, it’s not getting any easier. Baylor University recently did a study that showed that smartphones can be damaging to relationships, and can even cause more pronounced depression. The study focused on surveying about 450 adults about… Read more »

Intimacy and Long-Distance Relationships

In the digital era, establishing and maintaining long-distance relationships proves extremely common as people meet and fall in love online. Though the idea of a long-distance relationship may seem idealistic or unfathomable at first glance, the technology of today helps these increasing numbers of long-distance relationships grow and thrive. Whether you already had an established… Read more »