Stacked Rings: A Great Symbol for Interfaith Couples

When planning a wedding, there are many decisions to make, but one of the most sacred and symbolic is your choice of wedding rings. Something most couples don’t take lightly, the perfect rings to symbolize your love and unity can take on many forms. Recently, Brides reported on a new trend that features multiple stacked rings has been caught in the limelight as a unique way to symbolize marriage. Since interfaith couples are often looking for ways to blend and combine their traditions and beliefs, stacked rings is the perfect way to represent a merger of faiths and traditions.

Stacked RingsWhat is wonderful about stacked rings is that they can represent whatever you would like! Many couples like to have two rings – representing themselves as individuals – and a third ring to represent their combined lives together. Another option would be to use your engagement ring as representation of your life before your marriage commitment, your wedding band to symbolize your commitment to matrimony and add additional rings for each child you have showing how you have combined your faiths to make a family. With the beautiful symbolism of stacked rings, you can find yet another way to celebrate both of your faiths and your marriage.

In addition to what each ring represents, stacked rings are versatile in that they allow for the wearer to display his or her personality. From incorporating extra sparkle with dazzling gems to mixing and matching different metals, the flexibility with stacked rings allows you to make a unique statement. You can even add different textures or thickness according to what style and symbolism you would like to convey.

This new trend is making it easier for interfaith couples to express themselves and their individuality and combined life together. In addition to stacked rings to represent your love, you can also work with Rabbi Lebow to create a ceremony that also combines your specific requests to create a blended celebration that merges your faiths and interests. Rabbi Lebow is excited and honored to be a part of your wedding day and will work with you to create a ceremony that will express your values and needs, and if you choose stacked rings, I can even be incorporate their unique meanings into the ceremony itself!

To learn more about my officiant services or to discuss your ideas for the perfect interfaith wedding ceremony, call me today at 404-790-8612.

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