How to Add Southern Charm to Your Wedding

7771126_SThere is nothing quite like southern charm, and southern weddings can be some of the most fun and joyous events you will ever attend. But if you are getting ready to throw your own wedding and you want to make sure it has that right amount of southern appeal for your guests, we can help. Take a look at the following tips and incorporate any or all of them into your big day.

Setting up your reception is very important, and you will likely have many aspects of the venue to plan and decide upon, including what type of centerpieces the tables will have. For most southern weddings, flowers like spray roses, succulents, and garden roses will look great. Add a decorative cotton tablecloth and your reception will instantly have that classic southern look.

Family is incredibly important to most southerners, and can be reflected by displaying antiques, silver pieces, or any other type of meaningful belongings that have been passed down through generations. In addition to representing your family, these pieces can add a personal touch to your venue that you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise.

Another way to emphasize family and recreate large southern dinners is by having one or multiple long tables at the reception. This will give the impression of a family gathering where everyone is joining at the table to share a meal.

These are just a few of the ways you can enhance your reception to give it a classic southern feel. Of course, the specifics of your ceremony and venue are up to you and your fiancé, so take some time to decide what type of look and feel is right for the two of you!

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