How to Enjoy Your Wedding

Stressed Out BrideYou’ve picked the venue, arranged the catering, sampled cake after cake after cake, sent and begged for a return on invitations, coordinated reception seating, and managed not to forget that it’s all going to be worth it, because your partner will be there. And now it’s the night before the wedding, and all you can think is: how in the heck am I going to enjoy this? Take a deep breath and then take a look at this list. Even if you don’t remember all of it, at some point, you’ll be glad you have the reminder.

To start the day off right, be sure to have bachelor/bachelorette parties well in advance of your wedding day. No one wants to be hungover or tired after you’ve put all of that work into the perfect ceremony. Enjoy a breakfast with lots of protein and complex carbs. Passing out mid-ceremony is great for a YouTube clip, not so great for the actual event.

During make-up and hair, wear a dress shirt instead of a tank top or t-shirt. You’ll avoid messing up all of the hard work your stylists/bridesmaids have put in by unbuttoning the top rather than pulling it over your head. For brides and grooms: break in new shoes well before the wedding date to avoid pinching and slipping. Coming back to avoiding a fainting spell, go easy on the perfume/cologne, too.

Perhaps most importantly, put the phone away. If you have family or friends that couldn’t make the event, give the phone to the best man or maid of honor to screen calls for you, but don’t divert focus. Celebrate in the moment!

Finally, ensure that you’ve got an officiant up to the task of keeping the focus on yourself and your partner while blending humor and reverence into a ceremony that no one will soon forget! Contact Rabbi Lebow today.

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