Pick the Right Chuppah for Your Big Day

Same Sex WeddingLike every detail of your wedding, you want to take careful consideration when picking your chuppah. But unlike many other details of your wedding, the chuppah will be focal, front and center to your wedding ceremony.

First, determine if you would like to use your chuppah to honor family traditions?  If so, consider incorporating an heirloom tablecloth or blanket into the chuppah. Or perhaps you would consider including friends’ in the ceremony. You could request your friends’ to contribute cloth squares that could be quilted together to form your chuppah.

Also incorporating elements of the season into your chuppah is always a nice touch. Remember the primary requirement for a chuppah in Jewish law is that it be supported by four poles, open on four sides and covered above. After that, you can include foliage of your choosing to incorporate with whatever theme you chose for your wedding.

And, of course, make sure you pick the right size chuppah for your event. If you have limited space, perhaps you can make a one small enough just for the two of you. And keeping your chuppah to hang in your home after the wedding is a powerful reminder of your special day. But it also means you may want to keep it tasteful and stylish.

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