Private Love Finally Publically Official

27513880_SVivian Boyack and Nonie Dubes are just one of the many people in the world that just got married in 2014. The only difference is they had been waiting for over 72 years to be able to do it officially. Vivian and Nonie could not legally marry in Iowa until 2009, and it was only recently that they finally went through with it because of a friend that came to their home. They had never considered it before because they had to hide their relationship for so many years.

So they finally chose to go through with a wedding and make it public after 70 years of silence and having everyone around them believing they were just long-living roommates. It was a shock to some of their friends and family, but only because they hadn’t considered how the two women had felt about each other.

The wedding was complete with wedding dresses for the both of them, and vows exchanged, even while they were both in wheelchairs. But it is a wedding like this that just shows how powerful they can be and why they are so important for same-sex couples to have access to them just as much as anyone else. If you’ve spent over 70 years with someone, privately enjoying your love and life with them, shouldn’t you be able to choose to marry when you wanted?

And although these women had taken the next step and plunged into the world of marriage, they were quite adamant in saying that their relationship and life had been what it was so far, and even getting married wasn’t going to change that. Except that, now they can be public and open to their friends and family about their relationship and that is the kind of load off one’s shoulders that you truly can never replace.


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