The Top Three Things Your Wedding Video Should Include

30515178_SPlanning your wedding and reception is a full-time job that can have huge returns for yourself, your partner, and your family and friends. The wedding is sure to be an emotional, life-changing moment and the reception is guaranteed to be a party that no one is going to forget soon. However, having a way to relive the day at the height of its glory is absolutely paramount. So we’ve put together a list of the top three things your wedding video should include so as to assure you don’t lose a moment of it!

First, make sure your videographer gets the personal vows on film. Adrenaline is running so high during the ceremony that it can be easy to remember only snippets of what was said to each other. Whether your vows are self-written or quotes borrowed from others, being able to relive that moment is a huge part of the wedding video.

Next, it’s not just what was going on, but what was said. Having fantastic audio makes a wedding video. Speeches, first dances, toasts, and candid banter between guests should all be highlights in your video. Make sure the audio tech and your DJ or band is working together so that nothing gets lost in translation on film.

Finally, pick a videographer who can find the character in your wedding. Whether it’s the mother-of-the-bride crying during the exchanging of the rings or the best man cracking up at an inopportune moment during toasts, be sure to catch it. Yes, your wedding is about the two people exchanging vows, but it’s also about remembering those candid moments from your family and friends. Catch not only the actions, but also the reactions.

And for an officiant that brings out the character of everyone involved, contact Rabbi Lebow at Atlanta Jewish & Interfaith Weddings today!


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