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The Importance of Marriage

Fifty years ago, “93 percent of children born in the United States were born to married parents. By 2010 that number had plummeted to 60 percent.” That’s a quote from Sen. Marco Rubio’s speech given last month at the 50th anniversary of the War on Poverty, a government initiative instated by Lyndon B. Johnson to… Read more »

2014 Wedding Trends

Marriage is a timeless institution, but all institutions undergo periods of change. When planning a wedding, many brides and grooms decide to go with a more traditional ceremony and reception, even for interfaith or same-sex couples. In 2014, some wedding industry analysts are preparing for interesting changes to the celebration of holy matrimony. Making sure… Read more »

In 2014, Let Love Be the Best Protection

Many of the resolutions we make every year as January approaches tend to focus around our relationships and emotions. Many people want to be in one, or improve the one they’re in, or work on themselves until they feel ready for one. All over the world, people are seeking more honest and genuine expressions of… Read more »

Reconciliation, and a Renewment of Love

Weddings are a time of great joy and contentment, but they should also reflect the story of the couple who has come together to tie themselves in holy matrimony. For those who have faced more of a struggle to reach this day, a marriage ceremony can be more about reconciliation and a renewment of love…. Read more »

A New Source of Love in Our Society

Welcome everyone to the matrimonial merriment that is Atlanta Jewish & Interfaith Weddings! Powered by the unique and effervescent personality of Rabbi Lebow, we serve Jewish and interfaith weddings of all kinds throughout the Southeast. In this world of growing understanding, we’re seeing that love of any kind is the true answer to today’s problems…. Read more »