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Stacked Rings: A Great Symbol for Interfaith Couples

When planning a wedding, there are many decisions to make, but one of the most sacred and symbolic is your choice of wedding rings. Something most couples don’t take lightly, the perfect rings to symbolize your love and unity can take on many forms. Recently, Brides reported on a new trend that features multiple stacked… Read more »

Combining Lives, Combining Traditions

Modern weddings are a beautiful combination of traditions from many faiths, ethnicities and cultures. When saying “I do,” brides and grooms have endless options to tailor their special day to fit their wants and needs. Unlike the strict wedding planning rules of the past, the modern wedding can be based on a heart-felt, culturally sensitive… Read more »

Smartphones and Smart Romance

Maintaining successful romantic relationships can be tricky and complicated, and now that everyone is constantly plugged into their smartphones, it’s not getting any easier. Baylor University recently did a study that showed that smartphones can be damaging to relationships, and can even cause more pronounced depression. The study focused on surveying about 450 adults about… Read more »

Intimacy and Long-Distance Relationships

In the digital era, establishing and maintaining long-distance relationships proves extremely common as people meet and fall in love online. Though the idea of a long-distance relationship may seem idealistic or unfathomable at first glance, the technology of today helps these increasing numbers of long-distance relationships grow and thrive. Whether you already had an established… Read more »

Don’t Think Too Hard about Love

Couple Kissing

Contrary to what you might see on the news, love is everywhere nowadays. You log onto Facebook and you will see uplifting news of an old friend getting married. Uplifting might be the wrong choice of words – more disheartening depending on the friend or where you’re at in life. When it comes to love,… Read more »

Weddings Should Bring out the Best in People

Woman Planning a Wedding

Over the years providing wedding rabbi services for all ceremonies, I have come across many different types of people in this world. Some are more romantic than others are. Some believe in the power of love. Others are more realistic, prone to acting with their head more so than their heart. That is fine, because… Read more »

Finding Love before Valentine’s Day

Man and Woman Walking on the Beach

It seems like we were just coming up with our resolutions for 2016 and for those of us unlucky in love or battling severe loneliness, the resolution process was a simple one: Find love by any means necessary. Well, while that is certainly a worthwhile resolution, our dedication to changing ourselves will be facing a… Read more »

Keep Love in Your Heart

Young People Kissing

Can love save the world? It is a nice thought, one that humanity has been having since the dawn of time. In other words, can love and passion connect people like never before or is that all a pipe dream brought about by movies or the naïve hope we have hidden under the floorboards of… Read more »

Meditate through the Muck of Love

Legs of a Man Jogging on the Beach

Another day, another night, another article about finding love. For some, this means finding love again. With all these articles and tips on how to find love, you would expect that the heart is like a fabled city of gold or something, as if love was born from legend and transformed into myth. I would… Read more »