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Finding the Right Wedding Officiant

There is one area about weddings that is so often over-looked but just as important when it comes to the planning stages of a wedding. Most people think of finding a wedding officiant as a given. There’s always someone out there who will marry two people together, or maybe your aunt’s great cousin happens to… Read more »

Nevada’s First Same-Sex Married Couple?

The excitement around same-sex marriage exploded into full-blown celebrations as the California court of appeals struck down multiple same-sex marriage bans in one go, with the supreme court backing them up by letting laws stay in a few states that would prevent same-sex marriage from being removed as a possibility to the state. Overall the… Read more »

Private Love Finally Publically Official

Vivian Boyack and Nonie Dubes are just one of the many people in the world that just got married in 2014. The only difference is they had been waiting for over 72 years to be able to do it officially. Vivian and Nonie could not legally marry in Iowa until 2009, and it was only… Read more »

Historic and Hip in Atlanta

All too often people decide that if something is historic or traditional it also can’t be trendy or hip. But Atlanta has been doing both of these for so long that it now actually has history of its trendiness. But it’s not just the history of trendiness that makes this city a spot to enjoy;… Read more »

Celebrity Wedding Fun

Above all else, a wedding should be a fun time for everyone involved and invited. A marriage is a celebration of love, and that sense of celebrating should be present during every moment of the ceremony and reception. Rabbi Lebow of Atlanta Jewish & Interfaith Weddings knows how to keep the day relaxed, and he… Read more »

The Benefits of a Surprise Wedding

A couple’s wedding day all too often becomes a source of stress, especially in the days leading up to the wedding, and especially for couples who are trying to accommodate large numbers of friends and family members. It’s important to remember, however, that the real focus of this day is the bride and groom and… Read more »

Finding Your Soul Mate in Atlanta

Dr. Carmen Harra, a psychologist and relationship expert who works with the Huffington Post, is of the opinion that soul mates are found, not made. That’s not to say that life-partner relationships cannot be formed and even successful when the people involved are not soul mates, just that it’s a different experience. Dr. Harra has… Read more »

Enjoying Your Partner Without Technology

Jenna Briand met her husband at a bar in New York City and hit it off instantly. Except that when they parted for the night, he refused to exchange numbers. He asked for her name and requested that she meet him again, same time, same place, four days later. Thinking it was quirky, but endearing,… Read more »

Love Grows With a Kiss

We are at our most vulnerable in a first kiss. There’s a beautiful project circulating the internet right now where a videographer, Tatia Pilieva, asks twenty strangers to kiss for the first time on camera. Of the ten shots, every single “couple” starts out asking each other names, standing awkwardly, laughing at the ridiculously personal… Read more »